GS Series

GS25 Audiofrog Full Range Lautsprecher

2.5" (65mm) Erstklassiger Full Range Lautsprecher

Designed as a drop-in upgrade in many GM, Toyota and Mercedes vehicles, the GS25 is a full range speaker (200 Hz – 20 kHz) ideal when retention of the factory amplifier and equalization makes the most sense. In many premium systems in these cars the factory system includes crossover and EQ that make replacing the factory mid bass in the door and the factory full range with a standard component system with a passive crossover a big problem. GS25 to the rescue! Use the GS25 along with the GS60 or GS690 for an easy to install high performance upgrade.


The GS25 includes a single layer CCAL voice coil for low inductance and extended high frequency response. The neodymium motor also includes a copper cap over the polepiece to reduce distortion and to further extend the high frequency response. A bucking magnet atop the polepiece redirects magnetic energy into the magnetic gap to increase sensitivity. GS25 is a high end full range driver designed for easy installation.


The GS25 includes a steel basket with break off mounting tabs designed to fit a wide variety of Toyota, GM and Mercedes vehicles. For standard installation or for other cars for which no direct mount tabs are included, all of the tabs can be removed and the speaker can be mounted in a standard configuration.

Finally, for a GS level 3-way system with a DSP or active crossovers, use the GS25 with a GS10 tweeter and a GS60 or GS690 midbass driver.


  • Basket designed for direct fit in many Toyota, General Motors and Mercedes vehicles.
  • Can be mounted conventionally after removal of unneeded mounting tabs.
  • 200Hz -20kHz frequency response
  • Neodymium magnet
  • 1” CCAL single layer flat wire voice coil on fiberglass former
  • Bucking magnet for increased efficiency
  • Shorting ring for low distortion and extended high frequency response
  • Foam isolation ring included

Technische Daten


Nominaler Wechselstromwiderstand: 4 Ω

RMS Belastbarkeit: 70 W (with recommended crossover)

Peak Belastbarkeit: 150 W (with recommended crossover)

Frequenzbereich (-3 dB): 200 Hz – 20 kHz

Empfindlichkeit (2.83V / 1M): 87 dB

Empfohlener Verstärker RMS Leistungsbereich: 15 W – 75 W

Empfohlener Highpass-Filter Frequenz und Steigung:

≥ 200 Hz, ≥ 12 dB/oct


Skizze Maße Audiofrog Lautsprecher GS225

Thiel Small Parameters

Revc: 2.29 Ω

Levc@1kHz: 0.06 mH

Sd: 23 cm²

Mmd: 3.14 g

Mms: 3.21 g

Cms: 242 µM/N

Vas: 0.181 liters

Fs: 180.5 Hz

BL: 3.38 TM

Qms: 7.07

Qes: 0.73

Qts: 0.66

Xmax (einweg linear): 4mm (5/32”)

Korb Verschiebung: 0.05 liters (0.0035 ft³)

Frequenzgang und Schallhärte

GS25 Frequenzgang Audiofrog
GS25 Schallhärte Audiofrog


Bedienungsanleitung (englisch)
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