GS Series

GS690 Mittelton Lautsprecher Audiofrog

6" x 9" (25mm) Mittelton Lautsprecher

Designed to be used in two- or three-way systems, the GS690 includes a non-resonant injection-molded ABS plastic and fiberglass vented basket. For a 2-Way system, use a GS10 tweeter and a GS610C crossover. You can also use the GS690 with a GS42 and an active crossover, or with a GS10, GS40 and GS410C with an active crossover between the GS690 and GS40.

The 1” copper voice coil wound on a Kapton® former provides high power handling. A parabolic propylene cone ensures long-term reliability and provides the right compromise between compliance and stiffness for flatter high frequency response. The ferrite motor includes a neodymium bucking magnet atop the pole piece for increased motor strength and sensitivity. Terminals are secured by a small PC board integrated into the inside of the basket.


  • Proprietary injection molded vented ABS and fiberglass basket
  • 1″ (25mm) copper voice coil on Kapton® former
  • Ferrite motor with extended polepiece for magnetic field symmetry
  • Parabolic propylene cone
  • Flat progressive Nomex® spider
  • Nitrile butadiene rubber surround
  • Fast-on terminals secured with integrated PC board

Technische Daten


Nominaler Wechselstromwiderstand: 4Ω

RMS Belastbarkeit: 100 W

Peak Belastbarkeit: 300 W

Frequenzbereich (-3 dB): 42 Hz – 5 kHz

Empfindlichkeit (2.83 V/1 M): 92 dB

Empfohlener Verstärker RMS Leistungsbereich: 15 W – 100 W

Empfohlener Lowpass-Filter Frequenz und Steigung: ≤ 3.5 kHz, ≥ 12 dB/oct


Skizze Maße Audiofrog Lautsprecher

Thiel Small Parameters

Revc: 2.31 Ω

Levc@1kHz: 0.18 mH

Sd: 221 cm²

Mmd: 22.1 g

Mms: 24.46 g

Cms: 314 µM/N

Vas: 21.9 liters

Fs: 58.3 Hz

BL: 5.43 TM

Qms: 8.66

Qes: .069

Qts: 0.64

Xmax (1-way linear): 5 mm (7/32”)

Basket Displacement: 0.42 liters (0.015ft³)

Frequenzgang und Schallhärte

Frequenzgang und Schallhärte GS690


Bedienungsanleitung (englisch)
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